Drug Delivery Darts

Team.50 caliber disposable darts that are designed to provide precise drug delivery in a convenient, inexpensive projectile. These darts are appropriate for use on small or large animals.


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Practice Darts

TeamPractice makes perfect. Hone your skills using the right size dart for your job before you head out into the field. Practice Darts are also re-usable. Practice Darts available in Type C and Type P configurations.


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Scare Darts

TeamUniquely designed, our Scare dart is ideal for “scaring” off unwanted animals. A 1.5cc dart, scored along the sides, milled and tapped with a screw, it blows apart upon impact without harming the animal.


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DNA Darts

TeamThe purpose of the design is to remove a small tissue sample containing both the dermis and the hypodermis. The dart has a small stainless steel cutter located on the tip of an aluminum nosecone.


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Biopsy Darts

TeamIdeal for gathering sample tissue for analysis, the Pneu-Dart Biopsy Dart contains a ferrule “cutter” on the outside protecting the 3 barbs on the inside of the cylinder.


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Transmitter Darts

TeamEasily track your darted animal with our new PLL (Phase Lock Loop) Transmitter Dart. A microprocessor control advanced feature transmitter with solid state components.


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Marine Biopsy Darts

3Marine Biopsy Darts for underwater use available upon request – minimum order quantities apply as these are custom made. Marine Biopsy Darts can be used underwater on a pole or a spear gun attachment. Suitable for use on Whales, Dolphins, Sharks, Turtles, and other large reef fish species such as Grouper.


Marker Darts and Injection Marker Darts

3Marker Darts are designed solely to put a visible mark on the animal. The marking media is traditionally not recommended to be greater than 4cc. In fact, amounts of 2cc marking media have succeeded in multiple ‘in-the-field’ applications. (2cc volume is standard). Injection Marker Darts are designed to inject the drug while simultaneously placing a visible mark on the animal. The liquid capacity can be custom ordered to your specifications.


Transmitter Dart Drug Containment Darts

3Transmitter dart body to apply to either our old style transmitter dart bodies or our new PLL style transmitter dart body. These darts come in 1cc, 2cc or 3cc sizes with varying needle lengths. Note: This is just the drug containment vessel. The transmitter and associated parts are sold separately.


Darts Information

Whether your task is to medicate or capture, WAC has the ideal remote drug delivery system for you.


Our disposable darts come in a broad array of sizes, are easy to fill, and are color-coded to speed identification.

How they work

Type C and P darts each contain a small explosive charge which detonates on impact and quickly injects the drug. Equipped without a retention device (gel collar/wire barb) the 1cc dart will typically bounce off and away from the animal upon impact. However, due to the small quantity of fluid, and the rate of injection, the injection will be complete. As an added feature the dart will ‘flash’ upon impact providing visual confirmation.

Gel Collars


The Gel Collar is a more humane version of a wire barb on the cannula of the dart. The Gel Collar holds the dart in the animal to ensure all the dosage of the dart is injected. The body heat of the target animal will dissolve the gel collar after about 15-45 minutes, after which the dart will fall out.

Triport Injection


Triport Injection is mainly used for dispensing thicker drugs, the three holes in the cannula of the dart ensure a faster discharge and ensures that the animal gets the full dosage. Triport Cannula Provides both lateral and end point distribution. Ensure the best distribution of drug, medicines and the alike while at the same time minimizing the ability for the dart to propel itself away from the animal.


















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