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We are Australia’s most experienced suppliers of animal handling and capture equipment to Shire Councils, Zoo’s, Researchers, and National Park Rangers throughout Australia. Wildlife Animal Capture is also the Australasian Dealer for PNEU-DART Remote Drug Delivery Systems to the Cattle Industry in Australia.

Whether you are wanting equipment or technical advice about a product, capture technique or a particular species, Wildlife Animal Capture are the experts with over 35 years hands-on experience in the field researching, trapping and relocating a vast spectrum of different species of wild, domestic and feral animals in four different countries.


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Better Bovine Health Via Remote Injection

Medicate Cattle in a fast, efficient and cost effective manner with our Remote Drug Delivery Systems.

Did you know you can administer all Vaccines, Vitamins, De-Wormers and other Medication from a distance with a Dart?

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About Us

Wildlife & Animal Capture was founded by Tony Searle who started selling Dart Guns, Net Guns and a range of Cage and Foot Traps in 1987. Prior to this Tony spent 18 years as a Research Ranger in the Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service (QNPWS). During this time he had hands on experience with the researching, capturing and trapping of virtually all species of fauna in Queensland.

Tony was involved in the design and formulation of a lot of the techniques and methods for the trapping and darting of deer and other animals and went on to attain the position of Chief Ranger in the QNPWS. Here at Wildlife & Animal Capture we are able to offer this unparalleled knowledge and experience gained in the field in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, The United States of America and the Torres Strait Islands across a very large range of different species to find solutions to your animal management problems and needs.

Video Better Bovine Health Via Remote Injection


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